Operations Manual

Operations manual

Proper documentation, policies and controls, as well as SOPs in place for all operations help to ensure an efficient and high performing data center. A well documented, up to date, effective Data Center Operations Manual is a key tool for any Operations Manager. A clear, step-by-step process that guides all operation’s teams through maintenance cycles, emergency procedures, and daily operations. DCIMe provides an up to date, easy to follow, user friendly DC Operations Manual for just this purpose.


Operating and maintaining a data center is just as important as the initial design and build itself. An efficient Network Operations Center (NOC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) provide a facility with invaluable monitoring, control, and management tools. Whether on site or handled remotely, NOC/SOC are essential components to a modern data center.

Remote NOC

The Network Operations Center (NOC) is the brain of the data center, a single location where monitoring and management of all facility and IT control occurs. While it is essential that all data centers have a NOC, it is not required for that NOC to be within the data center. DCIMe provides remote NOC management, allowing for reduced staffing and overhead costs, while maintaining the high levels of performance and efficiencies provided by NOC control.